How Spending Money Now Can Help You Save BIG Later

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When you are trying to cut down on spending, pay down debt, and save money…. it seems contradictory to spend more money, right? But what I want to talk about today is how sometimes, spending some money on the front end can actually be really beneficial for your budget in the long run!

Spend Money to Save Money

You may still be a little bit skeptical as to how spending MORE money now can actually help you save money long-term. Don’t worry! I know it sounds completely backward.

But, I want to tell you how to make this work for you!!

First off, you need to look at what you’re currently spending money on and find out where you’re OVERSPENDING. Find out what you end up spending a lot of money on. Then, start to look for ways to lower the amount you’re spending in that category on a monthly or weekly basis.

My Coffee Addiction

So, if you know me at all… you know I LOVE my coffee!! And so does my husband! I often drink 2-3 cups of coffee in a day and Jonathan really enjoys lattes and cappuccinos. It won’t take you long to see why this is a problem when I tell you that we used to go to Starbucks…. a lot. Just to do some simple math, if we each went to Starbucks even just 3 times per week and spent $5 on a coffee, that quickly adds up to $120 per month!

So last year we decided: No more!! We didn’t want to spend that much money on going out for coffee, but we also didn’t want to sacrifice the amount and types of coffee we enjoy. Here’s where the spending comes in: we decided to pick up a Keurig K-Cafe (on a Black Friday Sale, of course) so we could treat ourselves to Starbucks-quality drinks without paying the Starbucks price! I bought a couple of flavored syrups and some K-cups and we were on our way!

The reason this works for us is that the front-end investment paid for itself within the first 2 months easily! Now, because we only have to buy K-Cups and syrups, we spend more like 25-30¢ per cup of coffee with is saving us tremendous amounts of money!

What About You?

So what are some other situations where you could pay a little more money now in order to CHANGE YOUR BUDGET and save more on a month-to-month basis? Well, I’m glad you asked! 😜

Reusable Baggies

Buying reusable baggies to replace all the disposable bags you use can end up saving you a TON in the long run and they aren’t a huge front-end investment either.

This pack of 12 Reusable bags comes with 2 gallon-size bags, 5 sandwich bags, and 5 snack bags. They are all leakproof and freezer friendly! AND the entire set is UNDER $16!

Think about how much a box of Ziplock bags costs and how quickly you seem to go through them! You could spend the $16 now and save lots in the future!

Washable Paper Towels

Paper Towels go SO quickly in my house!! So reusable paper towels can be a great help in saving money! They obviously cost more on the front end but you can get up to 50 uses/washes out of each one!!

These are a great investment because you can use them to clean up spills, wash your countertops, clean your mirrors and windows, and more! So they are so much more versatile than normal washrags without the cost of disposable paper towels!

Wool Dryer Balls

We all know that energy costs are no joke! So if you want your clothes to dry faster, try these reusable wool dryer balls! The wool dryer balls bounce around in your dryer and create more room for hot air flow to get to all of your laundry, which means that it will take less time for them to get completely dry!

And these little guys can even pull double duty! Instead of having to use a dryer sheet or fabric softener, you can put a few drops of essential oils into your dryer balls and voila!

(You do want to make sure you give the essential oils at least an hour to air dry before using them to avoid the possibility of staining! Or you can throw them in the dryer without any laundry for a couple of minutes before adding your laundry!)

Metal Straws

Are you someone who likes to use a straw with all of your drinks? Then picking up a set of 2 collapsible metal straws is not only good for the environment, but it can be good for your budget too!

If you want a big set of metal straws to keep around the house for everyone to have access to, you can grab this set of 21 straws for JUST $10!!

Water Bottles

It is so easy to grab a pack of plastic water bottles to get you through the week. BUT, think about how quickly those can add up! Instead, you can get one nice reusable water bottle and just refill it!

If you’re worried about germs, you can store it in your fridge overnight and just wash them once a week! It will be such a lifesaver – you’ll drink more water, you’ll save money, and it’s good for the planet!

Streaming Services over Cable

I LOVE talking about how to save money on things like TV! So many people today have cable or satellite and it can be SO expensive!

So, I have an entire post on my Passion for Savings website about how to cut out cable and satellite! This is one of those things that can have a bigger front-end cost BUT probably has one of the biggest savings long-term!

Refillable K-Cups and Coffee Filters

If you use a Keurig or any other single-serve brewer, you can save SO much money by buying your coffee in bulk and using reusable coffee pods!

You can also save if you use a regular coffee pot! A reusable coffee filter can help you save on the purchase price of disposable filters over time!

Silicone Stretch Lids

Want to get rid of that pesky Saran Wrap?? Grab these 7 reusable silicone stretch lids for Under $20!

You will no longer have to deal with the plastic wrap sticking to itself or getting a new sheet of it every time you need to get into a bowl! Instead, these washable and reusable covers can be used on any bowl or container to keep your food fresh!

Think of how much these can save you over time – buy this now and never have to buy plastic wrap ever again!!

Reusable Microfiber Mop Covers

If you have a Swiffer or similar floor cleaning tool, you NEED to check out these reusable microfiber covers!!

They are machine washable and come in a 2-pack…. that means you’ll never have to pay for the disposable covers again! That will end up saving you so much money over time! You won’t ever have to worry about running out either!

Silicone Baking Mats

These Silicone Baking Mats are genuinely a life-saver!! I don’t know about you, but I have always loved using something on my baking sheets to try and keep them clean – usually tin foil or parchment paper… but those can be pricey!

Instead, now you can grab these silicone baking mats (4.5 stars on Amazon with OVER 11,000 reviews!!!) for under $15 and NEVER buy tin foil or parchment paper for baking again!!

Food Huggers

These Food Huggers are similar to the stretchy silicone lids for bowls and containers… but they’re meant to be used on food! So, if you use half an orange or apple, you can pop one of these on the fruit and it will keep your food fresh until you’re ready to use it!

Switching to these Food Huggers can really help you cut down on the amount of plastic wrap and ziplock bags you use on a daily basis! Prices (as of 02/04/2020 12:16 CST) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. We are not responsible for and cannot control changes in pricing and availability, these change frequently so we recommend that you always double-check the price before making a purchase.

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